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Memory Care Unit in Uniontown, PA

Hillside Manor Memory Care is a community within Hillside Manor Personal Care Home. Although they are separate unit, Hillside Manor is one home where your loved ones are welcome and taken care of at any stage of life. 

The philosophy behind Hillside Manor Memory Care Community is to provide residents with a dynamic environment where they can continue to live independently with dignified support from our caregivers. 

We are always striving to learn more about Alzheimer's and other forms of memory loss and dementia. We have created a resident focused approach to an enriched life for your loved ones.

The common areas and rooms within our Memory Care Unit incorporate images of landmarks and stimulating historical pieces in which your loved one resonates with. This helps to make residents more comfortable and feeling at home and safe. 

A woman residing in a memory care unit in Uniontown, PA

Individualized Care

Our dedicated staff receives specialized training in dementia care, including a stringent orientation program and mandatory continued training. 

Here at Hillside Manor Memory Care, we know that each resident is unique and cannot be treated the same as another resident. We spend quality time with each new resident in order to learn about who they are, what they like and dislike, their family history, and much more. 

Social connection and engagement are key parts of our memory care treatment. It is known that people who feel as if they are a part of a caring community have less stress and therefore live longer and healthier life's.  Feeling isolated and alone can be detrimental to residents. That is why our community or care will be the best thing for your loved one!

residents at table holding paper flowers

Thoughtfully Designed Spaces

Our Memory Care Community is designed with our residents' abilities and needs in mind.  We offer secure spaces, both inside and outside for residents to enjoy.

The interior decor is deliberate in it ability to limit confusion and to create a familiar sense of belonging and comfort. 

Specific artwork and memorabilia is chosen for each resident. This helps to stimulate memories of a community that they recognize and feel safe within. 

interior lounge area with couches and tv

Physical Activity

We provide a robust calendar filled with daily activities. Years of research point to the health benefits that regular exercise brings to residents. This includes the ability to limit cognitive decline!

Visit our calendar for more information on our current monthly activities. 

bulletin board

What Is A Memory Care Community?

The concept of a Memory Care Community is unique to Hillside Manor. Rather than being a Nursing Home that has residents with memory loss, we are a community designed to help those suffering from memory loss flourish and live as independent of a lifestyle as possible!

Hillside Manor Memory Care Community is staffed with a full-time  Certified Registered Nurse Practitioner who has the ability to carefully examine the behavior of your loved one and prescribe a course of action to help lessen the severity of their memory care issue. This means that you will be receiving a second opinion, other than your loved ones Doctor, at no additional charge! Read more about our in-house CRNP!

What is Memory Care and How Can I Tell If My Loved One Requires This Care?

Memory Care is a specialized type of care that your loved one may require if they are suffering from uncharacteristic lapses in memory that are more than the usual "senior moment." At this point, your loved one should be seen by a doctor and they can professionally diagnose your loved one. 

Some early warning signs can be:

  • Noticeable changes in personality

  • Forgetfulness such as forgetting a loved ones name or forgetting what day of the week it is

  • Slight changes in normal routines and/or behaviors

    • Forgetting to pay bills​

    • Unusual messes in homes or personal appearance

    • Spending more time alone

    • Lack in personal hygiene 

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